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This Mac mail app offers the users a sleek and responsive interface and one for the best email app for Mac for Gmail users. With the Mail Inbox, you can start writing the mail and continue it later on mobile like the feature offered in the Boxy email client. The Email App works with any Gmail account and offers a cool experience with amazing features. With Mail Inbox Mac client, you can set snooze to take care the emails later and reminders for the emails to be notified later.

MailTab Pro is a sleek and attractive email program for Mac, that stay on Mac menu bar. This Mail menu icon is to give you a quick access to your Gmail account just with a click from the Mac menu bar. The audio alerts are customizable alert you about a new email as soon as it comes into inbox. You can resize the Email App window or tab to get more working space on your Mac screen for multi-tasking. This Mail Tap Pro is one of best email client for Mac with the minimal design concept and lightweight.

This Mac people-centric email program organizing the mails by the originating thread. The first thing that the tool states is neatness, does not have a crowded mailbox. The mails are sorted based on weekdays and the sender along with their profile photos. All incoming emails are compiled and organized under the same thread based on the name of the sender.

10 Best Desktop Email Clients for Mac and Windows

You can use multiple identities with one account and use the services offered. With Unibox, you can visually browse through the present attachment and preview them easily with Quick Look and filter the emails according to type for better viewing. Try Direct Mail App and end your search for an easy to use and feature-rich email program. You can import contacts from other email programs already present on the Mac.

The user can automate all your email campaigns by autoresponders, going to be a huge time-saving feature. Direct Mail allows 50 emails a month to send free. In order to send more, the user has to use in-app purchase to unlock it. With this marketing email client, you can create customizable forms with the tool whenever needed.

With Direct Mail, you can make your email campaigns more interesting and great. Most of these third-party Mac email clients work well with the email providers like native Mac Mail App. However, these third-party email client apps like Airmail, Spark, Box, etc. We listed the best email app for Mac. These Mac email apps do more than just reading your emails.

You can select one of these best mail apps for Mac, that can handle your official emails and personal emails right from one client on Mac. As a long-time Thunderbird user, because I have a number of local Thunderbird folders containing important stuff, I need to be able to import those folders into the new one whichever one it is. Do you know which one supports importing folders from Thunderbird? I have Airmail 3 — and have had for quite a while. I have issues with it functioning and searching now, and according to airmail support Airmail is not compatible with any kind of Firewall, antivirus and antispam software, and you need to disable all these to get it working properly.

That would seem areal oversight in an email client. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Check here to Select Right…. Seriously, do you think she's sitting in board meetings saying stuff like, "Let's loosen up security controls in Mailbox to make it easier for us and the government to snoop on people. No, I don't work for those companies. I have no vested interest in the product.

I don't even like Rice. Shawna, because I don't recognize your name and this is our first interaction at least that I remember , I'm going to leave your comment up on this page. In the future, if you personally attack authors on this site in the manner that you've done here, your comments will be deleted. We're all for disagreement and debate, but we also expect commenters to act like adults.

Anyway, if you read the article again, you'll see that I didn't say that people should be worried about Rice being on the Dropbox board. Only that some people are. There's an entire site dedicated to this idea drop-dropbox. You can think what you want about me, Rice, and Dropbox, but this is an issue that people care about. So call me a liar if you want, but if you do, just remember that you're also calling all of those generally pretty well-regarded publications liars as well.

I love Reading these posts but I think we all miss sparrow right? There is simply no alternative and that sucks: Yeah, as much as I've come to like Airmail, I'd still prefer Sparrow to be under development. I'm so surprised that Google bought it and shut it down; there's a big fanbase. Very disappointing. Anyway, not a lot we can do about it!

Sparrow was the best client. I would still continue to use it but Sparrow started to act weird.

30 Best Newton Mail Alternatives - Email Apps

When I send an e-mail to my domain's email from my Gmail's address it is rejected by secureserver. And if I send the same email from Google web interface or Apple Mail it works fine. I have no idea why Sparrow started to use GoDaddy smtp server or what other reason for this behaviour.

It seems I just have to withdraw Sparrow and it's really pity. It was a bad choice for Sparrow team to cancel Sparrow support the next day the got money from Google. Funny thing I have bought Sparrow for Mac and just next day they announced it's over ;. Ah, sorry to hear that it's started acting up. It was bound to happen sometime. That's really bad luck that you bought it right before they announced its demise!

I keep hoping that Google might resurrect it, but that's seeming less and less likely. I don't know why they shut it down. To keep it from competing with browser-based Gmail, maybe? Hello, thanks a lot for your benchmark about these mail software. Can you tell me how did you show the name of your labels in AirMail in your thumbnail? It took me a while to figure that out! I have mine set to Pro XL. Note that Outlook for Mac works differently than the version under Office Regular Outlook for Mac will sync calendar and contacts, where the version requires Exchange to do so.

I thought that might need to be clarified. I saw the comment on Outlook for Mac. I wouldn't have gone to it but with my frustration with Mail and my wife getting a Office subscription with her new Surface I decided to give it a go. Microsoft support tells me that gmail calendar and contacts will not sync without Google creating an Exchange account for my gmail to flow through. Ive never used Exchange, except when dealing with my employers email, so Im wondering if they will want to charge me for it.

If so, I may abandon Outlook and come back to this article to choose another client. Good list here. Ah, that's interesting. I've never been a huge fan of Outlook, but it is a pretty popular client, so you might find that you like it.

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Keep us updated on how you're liking it! I'm always interested in hearing what people use for email on Mac, as it's tough to find a client that works for everyone. But if you do decide to switch to something else, I recommend Airmail. Hi Mike and Dann, I just trialed and then started an install of Office , with Google Apps support on the phone, and just as I was ready to hit "go", he found a major problem: That's it; game over for me! Really bummed. Ah, that's too bad, Helene. I didn't think about that. Have you looked into any other options since then?

What have you been using thus far? Gmail for Mac by Zive is supposed to be released soon. It looks very promising, although I can't imagine they'll be allowed to keep that name. I'm currently a Postbox user, have been for many years, and is my preferred client. While not quite as visually appealing as others, it's customizability and functionality are above and beyond the competition. Works flawlessly with Gmail, labels, etc.

I just installed MailMate and must admit I'm impressed. A tank of gas. I mean, seriously. I hadn't seen Gmail for Mac before. I'm definitely looking forward to trying it. And the more I hear about MailMate, the more I regret my decision to not review it. I may have to do an updated version of this article with a review of MailMate. It seems to have a lot of fans! Unfortunately Postbox has been decreasing in usability for a while now. Over the last three months especially it's been crashing about 6 times a day, freezing a lot and just generally being really shitty.

I've stopped using it - decrease in work output due to constant restarts, having to rewrite emails, etc was too much. Am on the lookout for a new client Shame too, as I really love to delegation of emails important, etc and also use of smart inboxes that can sit along the top tool bar Maybe if they fix all the bugs - instead of telling me to look at their FAQ all the time - I'll head back. It's a good app for sure and really did help a lot when I first started using them Sorry to hear that! My copy of Airmail has actually been misbehaving over the past week, too; it's been slowing my computer down a lot.

Hopefully both apps will get fixed in the near future. They're both really great. Continually being referred to the FAQ is infuriating—I've had that happen before with other support teams. Drives me nuts. I definitely agree that people are trying to go with the trendy 'inbox zero' and 'task-based e-mail management' angles right now.

I'm using browser Gmail at the moment, and it's not too bad. I hate having more tabs open, but it does do the job. At least the keyboard shortcuts are the same ones that I'm used to. I think I could get used to it again, but desktop clients are so much better especially for offline capabilities.

As for Airmail, you could still give it a shot. Good article, Dann, and very much appreciated but it was really spoiled by the interjection of politics into an email review. I didn't mean to imply in any way that I wasn't more nervous about the NSA spying and the things that the Obama administration has done to keep a very close eye on everyone in the country.


That makes me very uncomfortable. However, some people have found it concerning that Rice is on the board of Dropbox. It doesn't concern me much—I use Dropbox all the time, and I've used Mailbox in the past—but I know that some people take issue with it, so I thought it was worth mentioning. I know that she's highly respected and that she served as Secretary of State, but that doesn't keep a lot of people from associating her with the administration under which we saw some of the first warrantless collecting of information or at least a significant increase in the amount of it.

I'm looking for an alternative to Mac mail, which I find drab and unreliable some messages from inbox get trashed and no one seems to know how , and I'm seeing mostly conflicting opinions. I think I'll give Postbox the chance; it looks robust and I think I live with some austerity. Anyway, thank you for the analysis; it helped me make the decision. Definitely give Postbox a try—if it wasn't for the not-very-exciting interface, I think I would have liked it more.

It's not surprising to me that different sites have different preferences—a lot of it comes down to things that you like or don't like, completely on a personal level. There are some pieces of functionality that are just better, but for the most part, I think it comes down to finding the app that works best with your style of emailing.

Same goes for privacy concerns—some people are worried that Rice is in the Dropbox board, some are not. I like Apple Mail's aesthetics except it doesn't always work reliably with Gmail. Sometimes mail sits for hours and hours on the Gmail server and never gets synced over into Mail. I've been using Mailplane for a while now simple because it is reliable and because of the Gmail shortcut support. But its handling of embedded images is really awkward it takes like 4 clicks before you can finally paste a PNG and get it sized right. That works much better in Mail.

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  3. 7 Best Email Clients for Mac to Replace Apple Mail.

And, of course, it only works with Gmail. One feature that Mail has which neither Gmail nor Mailplane has is "Send Again" which is very useful in my work. In Mailplane the best you can do is forward and clean things up before sending. Airmail insists it has a "Send Again" feature but at least the version I had did not and I got tired of arguing with their developers about it.

The feature labeled Send Again didn't. Also, the aesthetics of Airmail still didn't seem as nice to me as Apple Mail. The black left columns seemed gaudy to me. But again, I don't know if that has changed lately. I read about all sorts of problems with Airmail and Gmail, but you seem to indicate that there are no problems anymore. No syncing or missed labeling issues remaining? Thanks for sharing your experiences! Sounds like you've done a lot of comparing. The Send Again feature sounds interesting—what, exactly, does it do? Do you just hit "Send Again" on an item in your Sent folder?

I've never noticed anything like that in Airmail, though I've never gone looking. As for the aesthetics of Airmail, I have to disagree with you—I really like how it looks. Especially the black sidebar. But that's just a personal preference. And as for syncing issues with Gmail, I haven't noticed any. My labels are working fine, and it syncs reliably. The only thing I've noticed actually started recently, and that's that some of the emails that get labelled and archived automatically get labelled and stay in the inbox of Airmail for a bit, even though there's no "Inbox" label on the email.

So I can't get rid of it. It's not a huge deal, but something I've noticed.

10 Best Email Apps for Mac

You can change the recipient and edit it before you send it again as well. Dann, the Mailbox beta app for Mac actually does support Gmail labels. But like its iOS sibling, you need to move all your labels in Gmail web under the [Mailbox] label. Then they all show up in the Mailbox app. One of my frustrations with The default Mail app is that the font becomes messy when emails are viewed in Outlook on pcs they'd often arrive in 2 different fonts. I tried add-ins but found they always seemed to lag Mac updates. Hence switched to Airmail and this has addressed the problem. Since many corporate users are not in the Mac environment isn't the presentation format of emails important in any assessment of desktop email client?

Yes, I'd say that the formatting is very important! This is a problem that I haven't heard of before, so I'm not able to offer any advice. Switching to Airmail seems like a great way to deal with the problem, though! A useful roundup, but if you're truly searching for "the perfect Mac desktop Gmail client" then I feel you should have reviewed MailMate for its features and THEN commented on its cost — not simply rejected it solely on that basis.

MailMate is a very powerful, effective email client, and I originally found it through a similar article that did exactly what I suggested above: It has turned out to be MY perfect email client, as far as such a thing is possible. As you probably noticed, you're not the first person to share this opinion. And, to be honest, I'm now convinced that you're right.

I was thinking of myself and what I understand the average user to be. For some people, though, MailMate seems to be a great choice. I'll certainly keep that in mind in future roundups, and especially in conversations about mail clients for OS X. Ah yes, I did fail to mention that extension as a possible solution to the problem. It does work well, and maintains the general feeling of Gmail.

However, it doesn't work well for people who have a number of different accounts from other providers, and it only kind of qualifies as a "desktop" client, as it still runs in the browser.

The Best Third-Party Email App for Mac

Other than that, though, it's a very functional option. Not very pretty at least not the last time I used it , but definitely effective. You have successfully logged my monthly experience and evaluation of mail apps for quite some time! I found this post by doing my regular search for "Mac Email Client. Since then I've been simply web-based Gmail I don't know I am also excited? Glad you stumbled across this post, Noel! I agree that web-based Gmail is nice, but non-fantastical. I highly recommend trying Airmail—it took me a little while to get used to it, but give it a bit of time, and I think you'll come to like it.

Inbox is really cool, but I don't think there's any way to use it offline on the desktop. It also encourages a pretty specific way of dealing with your email, and if you don't already use your email in that way as I don't , it can be a bit of a tough transition. I'm looking forward to seeing it continue to develop, though!

I should have mentioned that I did briefly consider adding Outlook to the test list, but from what I can tell, it doesn't play nice with Gmail labels. Like Apple Mail, it can be made to work, but it's not ideal. Have you used Outlook with Gmail before? How did you find it? I've been using Outlook for mac for my personal gmail account for nearly 4 years now. Granted no supported for labels; it plays fairly nicely actually. I still use OSX's stock calendar which works pretty well instantly with Gmail's calendar. That's why I wondered why not Outlook for Mac.

Thanks for sharing your experience! It's good to know that Outlook can be made to work well with Gmail. The lack of support for labels was a big count against it for this article—that was one of my top priorities. Probably my topmost priority, in fact, just because of how I use my email account seemed to make sense to reflect my personal search in the article, as well as a wide view of options. Anyway, what about Outlook do you like more than Apple Mail?

Which features does it have the Mail doesn't? Mailmate has a 30 day trial option. Given that's the case, I'm amazed you can assert that it's "way too expensive" without offering any supporting evidence. Sean, yes MailMate does have a day trial, but that doesn't make it any less expensive in the long run. That being said, I'm glad to hear that it's the best option for you! It sounds like the combination of features is exactly what you were looking for. If it was cheaper, I think it would fit a lot of people's needs really well.

I just don't think most people are going to be willing to pay that much. As I mentioned in my comment directly above, though, I don't think most people are going to be willing to pay that much for an email app when there are so many free and cheap options available. I'm glad to hear positive feedback for the app, though! Nice roundup. I think notification support is coming, which could be useful. Glad you liked it! And if there's ever a standalone app that'll work offline, it'll be even better! I still like my Gmail labels, though, and in my limited experience, Inbox isn't great for working with them.

Maybe one of these days I'll just suck it up and start using email the way they want it to be used and see if I like it! Thuderbird, being free, was an excellent choice.

The 8 Best Free Email Clients for Mac in 12222

The possibility of running a calendar extension made things even better. But, like discussed, the 'labels' feature made web g mail more interesting and, at times, easier to use. I created a million different filters to get my folders on Thunderbird to work similar to webmail, but I continued to use both intermittently. The interface and other little things were decisive.

I set up both Postbox and the native Mail client Sure, I can't play around with labels but for my day to day usage, they're not that necessary , and for integrating my work account, it seemed to perform better than Postbox. Mac Mail has what I need I've contemplated using the Mail app a number of times, and even tried it a couple times, but it just never really felt like it was doing a very good job of what I needed it to do.

Glad that it's working well for you, though! If Apple ever introduces good support for Gmail labels, I think it'll be a solid contender for best mail app out there. I tried all of desktops mail clients and still number one for me is Sparrow. I know that no updates but everything works fast and good: Yeah, I can understand that—I really do like Sparrow! It's still a great app, even if it's not getting updates. I hope it continues to work well for you! Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article?

Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Annette Fernandes-Poyser. So thanks for the article and I will give Airmail a try. You forgot about Spark. Airmail doesn't support a second factor authentication as implemented by Okta or others. I'll see how this goes Unfortunately Thunderbird does not work on iPhone Last I heard, Airmail was developing an iOS client as well! Have you tried MailMate? I think the searching capabilities are supposed to be pretty great.

Thanks again for the article! In the meanwhile I'll check out some of the others. I guess I'll have to wait for the reincarnation of Eudora or a different MacMail Airmail has an iOS version coming soon as well. Can't wait! Check out kiwi for gmail gmail for mac on kickstarter. I've tried out a few options above but none was perfect: Looking at some of the other email programs no one has mentioned emailing photos? Look forward to any comments Gary. Hopefully others can chime in with their experiences, too. Any hints? Check out Airmail! I think it's the best option available right now.

Thanks for your comment! I'm not familiar with Foxmail—what do you like about it? Thanks for the heads up on that issue! Privacy concerns are fair but really? Let us know how you find Postbox! Thanks, doug. Doug, Thanks for sharing your experiences! Thanks for reading!

Ah, that's good to know! Thanks for sharing that tip. Has anyone else run across this problem? Any recommended solutions?