Dont stop fleetwood mac bill clinton

Mick Fleetwood Recalls Bill Clinton's Part in Fleetwood Mac Reunion

Eventually joined by McVie, her husband John, Stevie Nicks, and Lindsey Buckingham, he anchored the group during a period of unprecedented success that saw them selling millions of records and filling stadiums and arenas. Fleetwood Mac experienced the peak of its acclaim in when Rumours established itself as one of those unique albums standing the test of time and continuing to fly off the shelves long after leaving the charts.

  • Mick Fleetwood Recalls Bill Clinton's Part in Fleetwood Mac Reunion.
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Top 10 and could be seen as the soundtrack of a generation. Their most recent album, the EP Extended Play, came out in to rave reviews. The author of two bestselling memoirs, Fleetwood: Now, Then, and Fleetwood Mac: So when he was inaugurated into the White House as our 42nd President on Jan.

This Day in Fleetwood Mac play Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Ball | Rhino

Found on the LP 'Rumours,' the song made a furious reappearance with the help of the saxophone-wielding and non-inhaling future president. Clinton's hip decision in making "Don't Stop" the musical motif for his campaign helped to identify him as one the country's "baby boomers" while exhibiting a message of hope and optimism.

  1. Flashback: Fleetwood Mac Reunite for Bill Clinton’s Inauguration.
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  6. In a tactful display of his ability to finesse broken relationships, Clinton and his campaign team reunited the often-fractured band to perform at the celebration. Fleetwood Mac had not played together since , and as the footage illustrates, the entire group was honored and excited to play for such a profound purpose.

    In a truly historic performance the band flawlessly executes a celebratory version of their beloved classic. Four years later, in , Fleetwood Mac reunited, even continuing as a four-piece following Christine McVie's retirement a year later. In , McVie returned, and that's the version of Fleetwood Mac we have today; the same one that made one of the highest selling albums of all time 's Rumours , and the same one that is being named MusiCares Person of the Year this month.


    The band is the first group ever to be honored as 'person of the year,' a distinction The Recording Academy has bestowed due to the band's "extraordinary creative accomplishments" and "significant charitable work. For more information about MusiCares, go here.