Photo studio management software mac

Need two people working simultaneously? Need multiple people working seamlessly together? EmployeeBoost provides mobility for three or more people by syncing all of your StudioCloud data between the cloud, all of your internet enabled devices, and all of your other users. Free 1 User Login One man band? PartnerBoost 2 User Logins Need two people working simultaneously? Client Management Manage clients, leads, organizations, partners, and vendors. Scheduling Schedule clients, events, appointments, employees, locations, and more. Invoicing Create and send professional invoices and quotes from customized price lists.

Bookkeeping Understand and improve your financial health with easy-to-use reports. Project Management Create pipelines, deadlines, and tasks for projects, orders, etc. Marketing Campaigns Create and automate targeted campaigns for specific client groups.

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Online Booking Allow clients to quickly and conveniently book online. Automation Send automated, personalized, text and email reminders, payment requests, etc.

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Create Forms Create questionnaires, forms to gather information for events and more. Accept Credit Cards Integrated credit card processing that can get you the best rates.

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Customizable Customize the look and feel of your software, invoices, contracts, and more. Manage Employees Set up and track security roles, commission tracking, schedules, etc. Time Card Tracking Allow hourly employees to clock in or out from any location.

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Lead Generation Capture leads automatically from your website and convert them. Cloud Services Access your data from any computer, phone or tablet that has an internet connection. Easy To Use Get up and going quickly with intuitive software that was designed for ease of use. Anytime, anywhere access to information!

Client data, sales figures, and calendaring are all available at the click of a button.

The Photography Business Just Got Easier Thanks To Some Clever New Software

For us, with our busy travel schedules, having access to this information from any computer is critical. We own two studios. Studio C and Salvatore Cincotta Photography. We have several employees on staff, not to mention various vendors that need access to schedules. We use the calendaring feature to share this access with the team and to ensure they are in the right place at the right time.

It's easy to use with a very small learning curve and easy to follow online tutorials. If you can navigate the internet, you can use this program. It's that simple. Studio Cloud makes it easy for me to streamline my studios and access my data from anywhere. This makes it easy for me to make changes, assess marketing campaigns and products and make smart decisions on the future of my business. Most importantly, Studio Cloud gives me the tools I need to make each and every one of my customers feel like they are our one and only by seamlessly having information available at my fingertips.

Integrating Studio Cloud will increase productivity and customer satisfaction by being able to easily eliminate much of the time consuming busy work many photographers currently have— all while making your clients feel incredibly important. The software is integrated with Google Drive and Calendar as well as Dropbox and a variety of email providers. The starter plan supports ten events, one user and five workflows.

Professional and Studio tiers offer unlimited events and workflows, plus more users, phone support and digital invoicing. Light Blue is a desktop software that brings a number of useful tools under one roof, including the ability to aggregate client emails and letters so you can keep track of your communications. You can invoice and get paid online, handle sales tax and generate detailed reports of your business activities.

Sprout combines studio management tools with online and sales galleries as well as album design proofing. The studio tools can track clients, send invoices, receive payments, create forms and questionnaires and more. Named for the multitude of hats a small business owner must wear, 17hats brings a score of business functions under its cloud-based roof. It supports financial bookkeeping, contract building, time tracking, online payments, lead capture, templates and more.

#1 Photography Studio Management Software | Studio Ninja

Think of Iris as the Siri of the studio management world. Starting this year, the software will become more conversational, especially during the on-boarding process, to help photographers narrow in on the tasks and features best suited to grow their businesses. Iris supports the full range of business functions client leads, contracts, invoicing, etc. This robust cloud-based studio software has been recently updated to add merchandise tracking and a specialized tool for booking schools and organizations as distinct from couples or individuals.

The Express tier offers standard features like invoicing, scheduling, payment processing and email reminders. Standard and Professional subscriptions deliver additional features like loyalty programs, online galleries, QuickBooks integration and much more. All the plans come with 5GB of online storage and secure data backups. This budget-friendly manager offers digital contracts, invoicing, expense tracking, calendar syncing and more. The cloud-based service is also available through a free iOS app. The cloud service supports job tracking, invoicing, online payments, automated reminders and more.

Every step in the workflow is customizable so you can tailor the Ninja to your exact requirements. You can kick the tires for a day free trial.


This comprehensive cloud-based studio manager lets you build websites, gather leads, manage contacts, sign contracts, book and even deliver images. The software supports payment processing, chat functions to allow real-time interaction with visitors to your website and more. These functions are mostly duplicated on the mobile app, so you can handle your business wherever you are.

A Starter package includes the ability to build five projects a month and GB of web storage.