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The "Continue" button does nothing.

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Thanks Steve! My Yahoo! You can set up the connection manually quite easily, The other item to note is that if you have a Yahoo account from another country the servers are still just ". This worked mostly for me. Fetching and sending work fine as do my folders. When I ticked the boxes in settings, it created new folders instead of using the ones that Yahoo already has.

When I told mail to use the folders that yahoo has, it didn't work properly, i. If so, how did you do it? What a delight. I struggled with this a few months ago, Yahoo were polite but no help.

POP3/SMTP account for Yahoo mail - generate Outlook configuration

Works as others have said without a Plus account. I'm in UK and used the. Thanks Steve. I have a question. I currently have yahoo account in mail. What is the correct way of changing it to imap? Should I delete my current setup? Should I add new account then once its synced, delete my pop account? Is there a way to merge them? Do it bit by bit as it can bum out. Thank you so much for this brilliant hint. It must have taken a lot of trial-and-error attempts. I have only a regular Yahoo! And, I just followed this hint step-by-step and everything works perfectly now in Mail.

I never thought it would be possible to manage my regular Yahoo! Thanks again. Sweet, nice one. Works for my standard account on I was really skeptical seeing that port there on the final screen of the setup wizard in Apple Mail, but thought "what the heck, Apple will know which port to use, Yahoo!

How wrong I was. Now it works perfectly. Thanks a lot for a great hint. I am running OS Even after I upgraded to Lion a couple of days ago, this whole thing was working in Mail. But, as of July 23, , it stopped working. I wonder if other people have run into this issue. Select a different outgoing mail server".

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Yep, mine also stopped working Yahoo introduced there new mail system online from memory Incoming Server - imap. I love this! Thank you so much! The Yahoo interface is so annoying and now I don't have to deal with it any more!!! Thanks again! I tried the method in this comment, but it did not allow me to add the same user account, and click Continue, as suggested. Then I realized the set up was for Mail Plus accounts. In further troubleshooting tips, I found out that the easiest thing to do to avoid signing up for Yahoo!

What Are the Yahoo Mail POP Settings?

Mail Plus,was to go into your usual Yahoo! It should load all of your mail. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Steve Knepp. If you have tried and failed to configure the Apple e-mail client for your Yahoo Plus mail account here's a solution. This hint has only been tested and known to work on Mac OS X Here is the process: Click the plus sign to add an account. Type your name, as you'd like it to appear. Click Create. You'll receive an error prompt that the login failed, stating there may be an additional fee for Yahoo POP access.

Don't worry, you're a subscriber and this was expected. Click Continue.

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In the Incoming Server field replace 'plus. Jan 31, 2: Thanks for the great tip. I was having the same issues and your settings guide worked great. There is nothing that I could find on Yahoo that listed their settings for Apple Mail. Apr 19, 9: I would like to update you on how I was able to solve this problem. It is not a flattering depiction of Yahoo support. There is a problem with apple mail settings being recognized by Yahoo servers after outages. It puts the settings into a state of suspended animation.

The last outage occured 1 week ago for three hours which left over one million users stranded with no service and the syncing that my Apple Mail client was occuring regularly with Yahoo Classic was thrown off by this outage. Once I discovered that They answer using Windows conventions. I went to the Apple Store nearby and spoke to the Genius Bar person who the Store had seen several people well over in the last week who had the password problem. I was frustrated with the limited session capability. Keychains, password, settings, ports, etc Somehow, the syncing gets screwed up after outages.

I switched from Classic Yahoo mail to Yahoo Plus as well which may have helped my settings. Yahoo has a forced march going on to pay for services that everyone else has for free. Outages throw off Apple Mail settings due to recalibration problems at Yahoo.

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My Mail worked well with Classic until the outage occured. You need to shake up the configuration by adding a colon followed by your Email address in your SMTP server smtp. I suggest that you print out your account settings first befor you try this at home boys and girst I hope this helps someone who has tried everything. You can not get a solution by trial and error on this one. Sounds like an interesting experiment, but I've continued to use my free Yahoo account successfully.

But I can use the email with IMAP settings on a free account with no additional problems as long as I keep the password short. Aug 8, All i did in yahoo was change my location to UK.

Yahoo! POP3 IMAP Incoming SMTP Outgoing Mail Servers News Server

Once i did that, I was able to turn on POP and set up outlook and mail app. Oct 17, 7: I experienced a similar problem today after having set-up my Yahoo! IMAP account for the first time. Jan 20, Did you do this on your iPhone or desktop. Jan 26, Hi there, I cannot find the option to choose imap. When I set up new account it ticks everything automatically! This is making me crazy. I need it set up on mac, iPad and iPhone. Jan 27, 9: I'm pretty sure the mail settings are for IMAP by default, so you won't see it as a checkbock.

At this point it's a different setting to get things todo POP. Just be sure you use the correct IMAP servers for the email services you're setting up. Jan 30, Thank you, but it definitely states Pop. I am using btinternet for my mail. The Pop settings do not allow all the Imap info and servers to be put in. Mar 22, 4: The trick here is not to choose the existing Yahoo option but to set up the account manually on all devices!

When setting your yahoo IMAP account up both the user name and password under the Ougoing Mail Server are listed as 'optional' - you will have to fill in your information here, otherwise you'll be able to receive emails but the emails you sent to others will never reach them. Sep 4, 5: Oh my goodness!!

I have been trying to set up my free yahoo mail for 3 days now and ONE simple thing from all of these posts helped me out! I have a free account, my password is small and I set up with IMAP and I was still receiving the caution triangle symbol in the actual apple mail. All is took was for me to enter into apple mail, click on- mail- on the menu bar in the upper left hand corner, drop down and click on - preferences, click on the yahoo mail icon, find -Outgoing Mail Server SMTP and open the box.

That's it, a colon!!

Serveur POP ou IMAP ? Lequel choisir pour configurer son adresse mail ?

So now it should read- smtp. This is just for those of you who have set up everything proper with IMAP with the port and its still not working. I hope this helps! Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Alexander Lee1 Alexander Lee1.

Use the following settings: Incoming Server - imap. admin