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My work involves making some python scripts and testing them, and whenever I run them, that is also slow, but even opening ArcMap and adding a small shapefile takes a long time 30s to 1 minute.

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Or, could it be quicker to use the 'Unity' feature on Vmware to run these scripts? Performance is as good as expected, and it runs as fast as my 9. VMWare is installed on a well equipped server, which properly has something to say regarding performance on the virtual machines.

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I access the virtual machine via remote desktop. I know this answer isn't that helpful, but I am only trying to say that ArcGIS 10 can run fine in a virtual environment. When you use Bootcamp, you are actually creating a separate partition for Windows on your disk. They are completely separate installations of Operating Systems.

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At boot time you can hold the option key and choose whether you boot to Windows or boot to OSX. As long as you have the proper bootcamp Windows drivers installed, this guarantees that it is the fastest way you can run Windows on that hardware since it is only running on Windows at that point. The disadvantage is clear - you need to pick what OS you are going to run at startup time and if you need to switch OS, well you have to reboot.

Welcome to VMWare Fusion. VMWare allows you to do two things with Bootcamp.

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One of them is import your bootcamp partition into a new virtual machine effectively creating a full clone of that bootcamp partition and dumping it in a VM inside OSX - do NOT do this. The other thing that it allows you to do is to boot your Bootcamp partition from inside OSX by accessing that portion of the disk. This is cool and is what I use.

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  • Make sure that you do have the VMWare tools installed in your bootcamp partition when you run it from within OSX - otherwise things are slow. As far as how many resources to give Windows when running in inside OSX, I usually give it half of whatever I have half memory, half CPUs and this seems to work optimally. Since I have all the drivers installed for whatever mode I am running bootcamp drivers and vmware fusion tools , it runs fine in either mode. It is allowing you to make it seem like Windows and OSX are running as one because the individual windows looks the same - but they are still, mostly , isolated.

    Yes you have access to both file systems and network resources, but that's pretty much it. So you can your ArcPy from the windows environment just fine Until there is a bit version of ArcGIS products most are stuck with slow processing. I think this is possible. This is the route I chose. The second route is to use Apple's Boot Camp, whereby you will essentially have to choose whether you want to run OS X or Windows -- one at a time. Either way, you will need to purchase a standalone copy of Windows, which you will hopefully be able to get through your school for a significant discount -- they're not cheap, at full price!

    Having said all this, RAM is the single most important consideration when running ArcGIS specifically, and virtual machines in general. Thankfully, RAM is cheap! That is, as long as you buy it from crucial. It's really easy to install, and Crucial, at least, has a really great tool for helping you find the exact kind you need -- all you do is pick how much you want. I've also got an old Macbook 1. It's a bit slow for any serious geoprocessing operations but ArcGIS works fine for most of the fieldwork I do, and I can usually run a couple of other apps in parallel with the VM.

    By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Graham Graham 9 1 2. Sincel it is noted that you want to run arcgis, and you want to use a mac, I will warn you that you are going to also need a Windows partition and Windows software since ArcGIS doesn't run in a mac environment.

    Please take a minute to read through the new Wiki page. If you don't find what you need jump in and submit new content. A geographic information system or geographical information system GIS is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data. Here are a few:. Just wondering. Would there be a way to do it without running into Windows Security?

    Or is that an unavoidable problem? I used this tutorial with quite a lot of success. I highly recommend using a thunderbolt external drive as ArcMap uses a fair amount of resources.

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    I wouldn't attempt any intense geoprocessing. No way of getting rigorous ArcMap functionality without Windows, eh?

    Wish we used another program over here. You can definitely give it a shot, if you are willing to spend the money on a decent external hard drive you should be able to do most things well. Definitely not as optimal as running it natively on a good machine. Installing Bootcamp and a virtual machine like VMWare Fusion or Parallels is annoying, but it's a one-time procedure that'll let your Mac run almost any useful software in existence. Why not? Works fine so long as you have enough RAM. When you lack RAM then it thrashes.

    That's running VM Ware. And even then, unlikely you were running truly intense geoprocessing. I'm talking heavy lifting processes, not your every day clip, merge, project. With the tutorial I listed above, that's running on an external hard drive which has its own set of limitations. Nothing is as fast as running it natively on a similarly specced machine. I was running a suite of custom scripts I wrote for my master's thesis. One of the scripts in the workflow would have to go through every vertex in every feature in all of BLM's PLSS data at the township and section levels.