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That aside, if there is one single feature that makes OmniWeb worth the download, it has to be its genuine yet still a bit buggy ability to check web sites for updates, on both a scheduled and manually-instantiated basis. Other software claims to do this, but OmniWeb just does a better job of it. It looks better than IE. It is a lot faster than IE. I have not found any problems with CSS support, but then I have not put it [through a] complete test yet. I have noticed a minor problem with Java support and some JavaScript support.

But even with these minor problems, I have made it my default browser and haven't had any reason to regret my decision.

Underhill III. Opera, the browser that has been a favorite of PC users for years, has finally arrived on the Macintosh in recent years. Similar in scope to Mozilla , Opera includes not just a web browser, but an email client and Usenet newsreader as well. Both of these are quite capable, and worth a look if you prefer an all-in-one application to suit the bulk of your Internet communication needs.

Mac OS compatible web browsers

The online release notes have much more detail about these new features. I would daresay that, as of the 9. It's quite stable, capable and customizable, and it renders pages very well - on a par with Safari and Firefox. Its breakthrough feature remains its ability to magnify and reduce pages graphics and all to just about any size of your choice, which is a real boon for those with disabilities. Opera is entirely free, eschewing the built-in advertising that was once its hallmark. Competition in the browser space is a good thing for Mac users.

Let's hope that Opera can shake up the Mac browser world in a big way. Camino downloaded them fine. Opera also touts itself as the fastest browser ever - not in my testing! Camino and even Shiira are faster loading pages. These bugs and annoyances and this is just what I've encountered in an hour I wonder what I'd find if I stuck with Opera longer? If only because Opera uses non-standard and un-maclike UI elements and practises, I will not continue using this program. PageSucker is a small utility written in Java that allows entire Web page hierarchies to be downloaded automatically.

The pages will thereby be modified in such a way that they can then be viewed off-line even after copying them to a CD-ROM or the like. Sometimes, I do this just to be able to find something I know is on the site, somewhere, but more often I use it to back up friends' sites when I know they don't do backups themselves. It is also great for capturing sites that are about to be censored, so you can mirror them with a minimum of effort. PS does a funny thing with the "index.

This is especially useful for web developers and for artists who need to create graphical representations of web pages when a printed version of a web page won't do. Pop-Up Zapper is a shareware application from none other than the famed Ricardo Batista, author of the freeware "Extensions Manager" that eventually found its way into the official Mac OS releases. Pop-Up Zapper helps you by "zapping" away annoying pop-up windows as you surf the web with Internet Explorer sorry, Netscape users.

Pop-Up Zapper is available in two versions: Pop-Up Zapper watches the work of your web browser. When the program identifies a pop-up window, it closes it - just as you would - except quite a bit faster. It moves quickly, however, so may not notice it at all. You can look at Pop-Up Zapper's counter on its Dock icon to see that it is working. You will never even see the pop-up window.

You can run Pop-Up Zapper in evaluation mode for 5 days only, at which point it requires a license to continue working. For registered users, Pop-Up Zapper can also update its own data automatically and can notify you when the application has been updated with new features. From the Privoxy web site: Privoxy has a very flexible configuration and can be customized to suit individual needs and tastes. Privoxy has application for both stand-alone systems and multi-user networks.

Safari is simple but stable, and its speed and simplicity make it fun to use. Like other modern browsers, it is capable of blocking popup advertisements and it supports "tabbed" browsing that allows you to neatly organize multiple open pages in a single browser window. Apple has created a page of useful AppleScripts that demonstrate the care that Apple is putting into this browser's design. Of significant note is the fact that Safari's rendering of complex JavaScript is historically quite a bit speedier other Mac browsers. While Safari is speedy at rendering pages, recent versions of Mozilla and Firefox are, however, arguably still a tiny bit faster.

Competition is a healthy thing. Safari's interface is not terribly attractive, but it is functional.

Best web browser for 10.3.9 Panther(G3)

My biggest gripe about the user interface still involves tabbed browsing: It's still an unpleasant thing to have to keep resizing a browser all day, and I wish Apple would control the window sizing behavior once and for all for everyday browsing. While power users will still probably prefer Firefox for their browsing needs because of its extensibility , Safari is more than good enough for the average user, easily meriting a "Drew's Pick" rating in the Mac web browser category. See the development group's weblog for more information.

This version is available through the Software Update feature. Regardless, iCab has far more functionality and Camino is faster. Still, Safari isn't a bad browser. It's just a bit limited and the Panther version is buggy by comparison, IME. The goal of the Shiira Project is to create a browser that is better and more useful than Safari.

Shiira has some beautiful and truly unique user interface features; pictures tell the story better than words do. All source code used is publicly available. I especially love that the tab's widths are proportional to their title, plus - unlike Camino - you can drag tabs to rearrange their order - excellent! But as it stands it's still a hell of good browser, given how recently it arrived at v1.

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Try it today! You'll be happy you did. It checks sites for changes or failures, and notifies you via e-mail, sound, speech, or other means. You can use it to track updated sites, and to alert you when an important site goes down or recovers.

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  7. Classilla: Building a Secure Web Browser for Mac OS 9 and the Classic Macintosh OS.

The online store offers full details. Like Muffin, above, SpeedManiac is a World Wide Web "filtering system" that acts as a proxy server to filter out content to your own specifications. However, it's not written in Java; it's a native Mac OS X application that is much easier to set up and use. While it cannot filter the variety of things that Muffin can, it is capable of filtering graphics, selected sites, and Flash animations, which is good enough for mere mortals who might not have the time to master Muffin.

In order to use SpeedManiac, you'll have to configure your Web browser's proxy settings dig around your browser's preferences to find this to point to the program so that it can intervene between you and the Web which is exactly what a proxy server does. Here's how you do that:. SpeedManiac - which is written by Ricardo Batista, celebrated author of the Extensions Manager for the "Classic" Mac OS - is shareware, and works as a trial version for 15 days. Subscriber is a relatively sophisiticated web page update checking utility that enables granularized checking of portions of web pages in a manner that most web browsers' built-in "subscribe" capabilities cannot.

Subscriber allows you to disregard items of your choosing, such as dates, advertisements, and other items. It's probably the most sophisticated web page update checking software available for the Macintosh, and if you're serious about keeping on top of web site updates, you'll want to include this on your list of software to check out. Subscriber is shareware, and runs as fully-functional software for 30 days before requiring purchase. If you frequent web sites that have thumbnail pictures that are links to images or movies and have a penchant for quickly collecting the whole bunch, Suck It Down!

If you want it to, Suck It Down! Suck It Down! And after the download is complete you can click or key through the images and throw away any you don't like. You can also open them in their native application. Personally, I think that thumbnails exist for a reason: That said, there are people who like collecting everything , and this application is surely designed with them in mind. You will be able to download images without paying the fee. From the Tor home page: Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: Tor works with many of your existing applications, including web browsers, instant messaging clients, remote login, and other applications based on the Internet's TCP protocol.

Tor is based on Privoxy , a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy, modifying web page data, managing cookies, controlling access, and removing ads, banners, pop-ups and other obnoxious Internet junk. Tor requires more than just the software; it involves some behavioral changes as well, which are documented nicely on the Tor website.

Web Confidential is a central repository for the legions of those Web site passwords that you have scribbled on napkins and tissues but never got around to organizing. Web Devil, like Web Retriever, below, works with your web browser to enable you to save a Web page--graphics and all--in one fell swoop rather than saving the HTML and each image separately. Very useful! Version 6. Where the commercial product WebWhacker 1.

Small, sweet, and perfect "whacking" of Web sites with all files properly named and directory-sorted. You can practically hear the files being sucked across the wires! From the Web Dumper home page: Downloaded Web sites are saved on your hard drive with their directory structure intact. Web Dumper automatically downloads HTML documents along with their embedded pictures, sounds, movies and so on, while it screens them to look for any enclosed links to other documents.

Web Dumper lets you select: WebGrabber, from the author of Fire , is a free utility that you can use to mirror, copy, synchronize, download, scrub or "steal" a web site. WebGrabber is a simple wrapper around the "Pavuk" project see http: This UI is very "unfinished," and not all Pavuk command line options are yet supported, but the author has wrapped the most useful and most common options first, and is willing to add more.

WebGrabber can be used to download entire web sites, download an entire directory of images without being able to see them, and for ftp downloads; it'll even split downloads across sessions and resume them. Version 0. Very stable, you can feel the UNIX behind it. Downloads other media types, Flash, etc. Limit Point Software produces WebSentinel not to be confused with the now-defunct software of the same name by Purity Software , a "utility for monitoring the content of web pages for search terms at a scheduled time, optionally on a periodic basis.

Open the console log using either the "Console" button in the list window, or by selecting "Open Console One donation, in the amount of your choice, unlocks all of Limit Point's utility software , and upgrades to all of these utilities are free. Web Watcher helps inform you of changes to web sites you are interested in so you don't have to repeatedly check them yourself.

The program can notify you of changes in a variety of ways: Web Watcher works well and has a simple-to-understand interface, but I would find a bulk importer or, at the very least, a bookmark import utility quite useful, as the current interface only allows sites to be added one at a time, which can become quite tedious. Also, if you have an older Mac, be sure to check out the "Classic" applications page for more options. Are you looking for an older version of a browser, but can't seem to find it?

The evolt. These are applications that are newer and of potential interest, but which I haven't yet selected for permanent inclusion. Have a look, and let me know if you think they deserve to be part of the permanent collection! Select a web browser User Reviews Currently, no user reviews have been submitted. User Reviews "I have just started using Chimera 0. Changes Meter Donationware. DansGuardian See text. Tabs are now on top by default on Windows only - OS X and Linux will be changing when the theme has been modified to support the change.

On Windows Vista and Windows 7 the menu bar has been replaced with the Firefox button. The stop and reload buttons have been merged into a single button on Windows, Mac and Linux. The Bookmarks Toolbar has been replaced with a Bookmarks Button by default you can switch it back if you'd like. CSS Transitions are partially supported. Full WebGL support is included but disabled by default at this time. Plugins which also support this rendering model can now draw faster and more efficiently. An experimental Direct2D rendering backend is available on Windows, turned off by default.

A rock solid browser, which is incredibly fast even on my PowerBook with the usual features that are standard in browsers these days like tabs and password remembering. I use it a lot, even on my Pismo. As you would imagine, it is a lot slower to load than the others, and pages take a little while to load, but it renders them fine.

How to Change Default Web Browser on Mac - Apple Mac Tutorial

The added bonus of having hundred of plugins for everything you could think of, makes this a highly customisable browser. Firefox 2 requires Mac OS X This was extremely fast — even on this aging G3 — and it rendered pages perfectly. It is very unstable, and while it has gotten better with each new revision, it still has a long way to go. The app took a few more bounces on the Dock to load than most other browsers, but once open, pages loaded quite quickly and were rendered properly.

I was pointed to the Demeter browser by a fellow G3 enthusiast and was looking forward to trying it. Is fast speed on old machines was touted as one of its best features. The app opened fine and was very quick, but halfway through rendering pages, it kept quitting. Radon started off as a good browser, it was quite fast and rendered pages properly. However version 1. Sunrise was another browser pointed out by fellow user of older Macs, and I was very impressed with it.

I had never heard of it before this test, and I was very surprised by it. The app loaded blindingly quick within 2 Dock bounces , and the pages loaded extremely fast. There was one annoyance: When you type a web address in the address bar, it searches Google for it instead of taking you directly there. Classilla isn't finished It's worth repeating: Classilla isn't finished. WaMCom's last update was in , and that means over six years of Mozilla patches and updates to catch up on.

While Classilla has a lot of critical patches applied which is why it's being released, even in unfinished form , there are still security, stability and compatibility issues yet to be fixed and many sites still won't work, or worse. You will be using software that is still in evolution. Exciting, right? And quite possibly unstable. Know what you're getting into.

Using Classilla is at your own risk. There are still many bugs! We eat our own dog food, but that doesn't mean it always tastes good. If it'll work and it'll help, it'll be in Classilla.