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Click More Options. It's in the bottom-right side of the "Accessibility" window. You can also change the stye of zoom from "Fullscreen" which magnifies the whole screen to "Picture-in-Picture" magnifies a window next to your cursor on this page by clicking the box next to "Zoom Style" near the bottom of the window and selecting your preferred option.

Set the "Maximum Zoom" and "Minimum Zoom" values. To do so, click and drag the pertinent slider right to increase the zoom value or left to decrease the zoom value. Review the screen movement settings. You have three options for how to move to different parts of the screen while zoomed in: Continuously with pointer - The screen will move as you move your mouse. Only when the pointer reaches an edge - The screen will scroll when your cursor is lodged against a side of the screen. So the pointer is at or near the center of the screen - The screen will move to ensure that your cursor is always near the center of the screen.

Mac accessibility shortcuts

Click a screen movement option. Doing so will apply it to your screen when your Mac is zoomed in. Click OK. Your selected keyboard shortcut will now allow you to zoom in or out on your desktop screen and other Mac windows that don't typically support zoom. You'll have to change the size in your browser. If you're using Chrome, click the three dots and hit the minus sign on Zoom. Yes No.

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Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. This opens an accessibility panel that allows you to enable or disable the Zoom options. Depending on how you configured the Zoom options, you can either use the keyboard shortcuts or the trackpad to zoom. To use your trackpad, hold down the modifier key you specified Control is selected by default while you use your trackpad to scroll.

If you selected Picture-in-picture zooming, a window appears near the mouse cursor with the magnified image. If you chose the Fullscreen zooming, the entire screen displays the magnified image. The Buyer's Guide. US Edition.

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How To Use Zoom on a Mac

For easier navigation, you can hold your finger down on the screen and over an icon until that icon is selected instead of tapping. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Editors' Recommendations Get back to basics: Don't Miss.

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Mac tip: How to zoom the entire display | here's the thing

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Here’s how to zoom in on a Mac, no matter what app you’re using

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Control accessibility options with your keyboard and Siri

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