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I did stir the Mac and cheese about four times during the cook. This seems like a great recipe. Should I double the cooking time? It might end up taking the same amount of cook time, possibly a half an hour longer. I hope you enjoy it! Hi — can this recipe be tripled? I know this response is a little late. I just let it thaw before I want to eat it and heat it up in the microwave. This was very easy to make!

Soul Food Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

Directions were easy to follow. I found it a touch too creamy and thick but overall the taste was great. Thank you for sharing this recipe. It was absolutely delicious! However, I just made it for the first time and it turned out soupy. Did anyone else have this problem? It was too soupy for my taste too. I followed the recipe exactly, but I quadrupled it. It was pretty good though when it finally finished I think it was close to 4 hours , just too runny, in my opinion.

This was very tasty! At 90 minutes, I had to add a little more milk and cook for another half hour, but that did the trick. My baby ate a ton of it up! I followed your recipe to a tee. However, not all of your readers are experienced cooks. My mac-n-cheese came out with the mac clumped together in big mushy chunks. Not only r u a novice cook ur a jerk. Cooking takes practice and we learn from our mistakes. The directions r fine.

Doubled the recipe in a 5 QT for our annual campfire cookout on the river and I should have quadrupled it! And people raved about it! The best part is that I can just bring in all the ingredients and my crock pot and make it at the office. Adding a little salsa or green chilies is popular as well. Does this call for evaporated milk or condensed milk? You pointed out that they are different, which they are. Most are saying condensed.

I am going to use evaporated milk. This recipe is delicious! I doubled it, and cooked about an hour 50 mins. Could you please quadruple this recipe for my giant family?? I know sometimes GF pasta can come off a bit grainy in texture. When you say 8oz for the elbow macaroni do you mean the weight or 1 cup? Or is there no difference? Has anyone tried making this recipe with white cheese instead? Thinking about using cream cheese, Mozzerella, and Monterey Jack but not sure if that will mess anything up.

Also thinking about adding a splash of white wine. If I use store-bought pre-shredded cheese would it taste the same or at least come close? Most times, the block cheese is cheaper to buy. Good luck! Great recipe! Thank you so much for sharing it! I had a recipe for Mac n cheese but not one for the crock pot. The family loved it! My kids went for seconds and I think my oldest may have gotten a third helping. Happy Thanksgiving!! So glad everyone loved it, Carol! I appreciate you taking the time to come back and letting me know. Doubled the recipe for Thanksgiving.

Cook time was the same. Although tasty, the pasta seemed to disintegrate. Adults said it was okay. This recipe is so easy and incredibly delicious! I made it as a side at thanksgiving and everyone raved about it. I quadrupled the recipe and then divided it in half. One half I made just like the recipe here, the other half i made with Monterey Jack cheese. They both turned out really well and everyone loved it. It was completely gone. The one with the Monterey Jack cheese was a little more soupy, but the other one turned out perfect.

And I would say it was about 2 hour cook time. I actually had people asking for the recipe, so I would totally recommend it. If you are doubling for a potluck. Make sure to leave extra time as i did 2 hours on low and it was nowhere near done, runny and pasta wasnt cooked. I did another hour and a bit on high and it finally cooked and soaked up. Also i found it needed lots more salt pepper then the recipe called for and i added garlic powder. Have you tried doubling noodles in recipe? Was not impressed with this recipe.

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I made a double batch for a potluck at work. It was great, but ever so slightly sweet. I think the evaporated milk might have been the culprit. No need to cook the pasta beforehand, just toss it in the slow cooker. I hope this helps! I know it will be a huge hit….? Can I cook it in a Dutch oven? Or any other way? If you want to use the stove top, I would recommend this recipe instead. This recipe has become a go to for us! I work nights, but moms never get a break, especially when it comes to dinner… this is an absolute life saver?? I used pre shredded Mexican mix cheese, and added garlic as well.

My version uses a combination of cheeses for a gloriously cheesy dish! Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. When boiling, add dried pasta and cook 1 minute less than the package directs for al dente. Drain and drizzle with a little bit of olive oil to keep from sticking. While water is coming up to a boil, grate cheeses and toss together to mix, then divide into three piles. Melt butter in a large saucepan over MED heat. Sprinkle in flour and whisk to combine. Mixture will look like very wet sand. Cook for approximately 1 minute, whisking often.

Continue to heat over MED heat, whisking very often, until thickened to a very thick consistency. It should almost be the consistency of a semi thinned out condensed soup. In a large mixing bowl, combine drained pasta with cheese sauce, stirring to combine fully. Pour half of the pasta mixture into the prepared baking dish. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Absolutely delicious!! First time for me to make a homemade mac and cheese. Easy recipe to follow. This recipe is da bomb!!! My 17 and 13 year olds are extremely picky eaters. I have made various homemade Mac and cheese through the years which my children would look forward to and I can now say the search is over!!

When I say yes, they say oh that is really good mac and cheese. No more box Mac and cheese in this family — YAY!!!!! Thank you again! Really delicious mac and cheese. My kids loved it. This will be my number 1 recipe to go to now. I made as directed but added some panko crumbs on top. So yummy!

I have been searching and trying to find the creamiest, super cheesy macaroni and cheese and here it is! I made a full recipe for my family of 5 as a side dish but froze half the sauce for another day. Thank you so much if you are able to help me. Make it as directed, no change to the baking time. All 7 of our family loved this recipe. I especially liked that the littles ate it right up. It was perfectly creamy. The flavor was so good. Simply perfect. Have made this several times and have had rave reviews from old and young alike. Nice job. It stole the show as a side dish and was the only thing that I had seconds of.

So delicious! I made this dish for a party, and the guests were begging for more! Wish I had made two trays. I used four, 8 oz blocks of sharp cheddar and two, 8 oz blocks if Monterey Jack. Tried this last night and it was a hit! Thank you! Mac and cheese is notorious for becoming greasy when reheated, and this is no exception.

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  • Cream-Cheesy Macaroni and Cheese.

I have made this recipe a number of times for my family. We LOVE it. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful delight!!! Absolutely delicious! I used what cheese we had on hand and it worked out perfect. Making it again today, so I came back for the directions again.

Thank you so much for the recipe and all the tips. This recipe has caused unprecedented martial issues in my home! I made it once for my wife yes, I am a man and the kitchen IS my domain… deal with it!!! I even keep a spare in the basement freezer that she never explores which makes it even easier.

I add chunks of ham to mine as well. I stuck with the original gruyere and cheddar mixture. My store only had smoked gruyere and I was a bit worried but it added a really nice smokey flavor that paired well with the ribs. For once the recipe I attempted came out perfectly. This mac and cheese is the best in the whole world.. I know this because my son and husband said so, and I agree. I cooked it exactly according to the directions and baked it on the setting for 30 minutes and then broiled it, because we are fans of the chewy cheesy crust topping.

Thank you for sharing. This is the very best Mac and Cheese! The last batch, I doubled, using mild cheddar, sharp cheddar, Velveeta, mozzarella and gruyere. Then followed the recipe exactly, using shredded cheeses for the topping. Has anyone tried those? Is that full fat or semi skimmed?. Half and half is a dairy product found in all grocery stores. This is the BEST mac and cheese ever!

It has the perfect consistency and so creamy. It was a big hit and absolutely no leftovers. Thank you very much! I made this recipe because there was an aged cheddar on sale at the grocery store. I could not have imagined a better use for this cheese. I also used some asiago on hand. My husband, coworkers, I absolutely loved it. I just made this my first attempt at mac n cheese and it turned out perfect!

Thanks for sharing. I made this tonight,and it definitely was a hit! Will make it again for sure.

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Thank you for sharing your oh so delicious recipe! The recipe is good but I cut everything connected to sause and topping in half cheese, butter, milk, cream etc — and it turned out great! Just the right amount of creamyness and cheesyness. Made this tonight. Only had American and Cheddar cheese, used Italian bread crumbs on the top but followed your instructions. I have make home made Mac and Cheese with wonderful results but this with the paprika and a bit of garlic powder…. Made it for the first time tonight. It is a keeper!

I made this for the first time last night. Keeper for sure! I made mine with 4 different cheddar cheeses and smoked gouda and it was absolutely the best! I went very well with my smoked brisket and baked beans! Made this Mac and cheese for Christmas- it was delish! New addition for the holidays everyone loved it.

Used sharp Cheddar and Gruyere. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. My husband liked it better before I baked it. Can I make this up until the baking part and hold it in a warm crock pot for a party? Will it separate after a couple hours??? Loved loved loved this recipe! My family and I were out of town for Christmas and we voted on making a home made mac n cheese as a dinner side. When this one came up in the search and I saw who made it, I just knew I had to try it! It was even better as left overs! The cheese sauce turned out perfect and was not at all greasy probably because we switched the cheese amounts.

I served it with toppings of red onion, bacon, and avocado and again, positive reviews from a very picky foodie family! Thank you for sharing your amazing recipe! This is my new favorite mac n cheese recipe now! I did three layers and used the whole wheat elbow macaroni. I made it for our Christmas dinner and everyone loved it. I have requests to make it again.

The combination of Gruyere and extra sharp cheddar is amazing. My husband is eating the leftovers now and all I hear are oooohs and ahhs. Very confusing, what about the other 2 cups? You add the liquid in stages so it develops into a smoother sauce. She mixed the two milks. She poured in 2 cups of the mixture, mixed it into the butter and flour mixture, then she poured the rest of the milk that would be the other 2 cups of mixed milk. Made this for Thanksgiving and family said that this was the best dish of all over turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc..!

Then made it for Christmas and they all went on about how this needs to be at every family holiday. Saving as my go to recipe from now on!! This recipe turned out so well and was super easy. I served it at a big work Christmas party and it was a huge hit. Slight variations I Made due to what I had available: Added the beau monde seasoning with the spices and topped with bacon chives and Italian bread crumbs.

I never write reviews but this time i had to. Very creamy, not dry at all. Great taste. I made it today for Christmas and everyone loves it! Thank you for sharing your recipe. This is a great recipe.

The Best Stove-top Mac and Cheese

Even my finicky eating daughter enjoyed it. I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 because I think adding a layer of cheese in between the pasta mixture was too much cheese. I made this macaroni and cheese for Christmas Eve. It was fantastic. My brothers are very picky when it comes to mac and cheese, and they both loved it. Thanks so much! My grandma made the best Mac n cheese ever. Made for the family on Christmas Eve and got lots of compliments and I loved it as well. I did add a little more milk than called for and also added a little bit of Velveeta in the layers.

Will only use this recipe from now on! I just made this for a party thing at my job and doubled the recipe and it was amazing. My boss and even some co worker was saying they loved it so much. I made this for my five grown up children who were home for a long Christmas weekend. It was a huge success! Easy to make with very few ingredients. Can you tell me where you buy this cheese? I just finished preparing the make-ahead version and plan to bake it in the morning and transfer to my crock pot to keep warm for a work potluck…fingers crossed!

I taste tested it before baking and it was fabulous. When I baked it, it still tasted great but the cheese was very stringy and not the smooth texture of the cheese sauce that I mixed into the macaroni. Is this dish normally very stringy after baking? If not, any ideas on where I went wrong.

Thank you. It sounds like your cheese separated a bit during the baking process. Completely melting the cheese into the milk mixture will help reduce the probability of a grainy sauce. Any advise for this recipe? Should I just stick to GF flour instead using an Italian knock-off solution? As a side dish, yes, doubling should be good for about 20 people. As a main dish, it will probably feed The sauce may separate a little bit, but should come together with a good whisking. Made it exactly as written and it was perfect.

Thank you so so so much for this amazing recipe. Would you recommend hand shredding the cheeses? Do you see any benefit over just buying already shredded? Also, just out of curiosity…why half and half vs. Does it get any less creamy do the noodles soak up the liquid and dry out if you make it the night before and heat it up the day of?

I definitely recommend shredding your own cheeses. Pre-packaged cheeses are coated with a cellulose powder to prevent clumping in the bags, and it prevents them from melting evenly in the sauce. My personal favorite is 2 cups half and half, 2 cups heavy whipping cream. Definitely rich! I just made it for the family and they loved it!!! This will be my go to recipe from now on. Any advise? Or just stick to baking it? Usually crockpot mac and cheese recipes use different ingredients. Lobsterman here! Unless you like the rubbery taste.

Thank your for the response to adding lobster. I made it for Christmas and it was a hit. I actually steamed 4 lobster tails for 8 mins. I cut them into pieces and layered the pieces in the middle of the pasta cream sauce mixture. It came out great. Hi, I have yet to try this but it looks amazing. Would adding cream cheese make this better do you think? I am not worried about calories or anything like that- I just want my Mac and cheese to stand out at my next work party! Or would you suggest adding more cheese? More half and half? Whatever will make this better in any way!!

Cheesy, gooey and tasty. This was the first I came upon and have looked no further. You had me hook line and sinker with the Gruyere cheese. I send several pans requested by my daughter each time she returns to college. I added pancetta, substituted fresh cream for the half and half and added a dollop of Dijon mustard but otherwise stuck to the recipe. Best mac n cheese ever! Yes you can! Then cool completely and freeze. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator, then bake at or for around 30 minutes, or until hot and bubbly.

This is by far the best mac and cheese recipe i have ever encountered! I mixed the bread crumbs with melted butter and spread it on top of the mac and cheese and it browned in the oven. Very creamy and yummy! I Followed the recipe exactly and topped with grated cheese, my family absolutely loved this and so did I! What a talented lady, so glad I found this website and this recipe! Amazing Mac and cheese recipe! Thank you for sharing with us!!! I give 6 out of 5!!!! That good. This is so delicious! Heaven forbid, that I should bring anything else, if I do they ask where that wonderful mac and cheese is.

I just gave up and I make it every month. Made this for Thanksgiving and it was a huge hit! We reheated the leftovers for two additional meals and still delish! I used sharp white cheddar , gruyere, and mild cheddar. Will definitely make again! I made this dish for Thanksgiving and it was defiantly a hit, so amazing! I do have a question though, I was wanting to make it again but not bake it. When doing that do your just mix all 6 cups of cheese into the cheese sauce or how do you handle that? Thank you in advance!! So glad you loved it! My entire family enjoyed this. Those are in quotes because I actually used much more!

I used whipping cream instead of half and half. It was just soooooo good. Will be my future go to mac and cheese recipe!! Thank you so much! I absolutely love this recipe but recently doubled it and made way too much. So glad you love it! This recipe was perfect! Made it for thanksgiving and everyone loved it. Thanks for the great recipe!! Took a chance and made this on Thanksgiving for everyone. Went with the five cheese option. Came out perfectly and everyone absolutely loved it!

So amazingly creamy and smooth! Thanks for a great recipe. Because of this super Mac and cheese dish I made it according to your recipe, finishing with a short broil for the crust I have been forgiven for the squash dip I made last Thanksgiving.

Creamy Baked Macaroni and Cheese Recipe | Food Network Kitchen | Food Network

This recipe super rocked our thanksgiving dinner spread. I used the suggested cheese variations and I substituted paprika for smoked paprika and added just a lil cayenne for a hint of kick. My family loved it! It will continue to be my go to Mac n cheese recipe. Thank you for posting this recipe. Made this for Thanksgiving and it was a hit. Came out exactly like the pictures.

Auntie Fee's Dumb Good Mac and Cheese

I used 3 different cheeses and added a little garlic powder and mustard powder to the sauce. Baked it for 15 minutes and switched to broil for another 2 minutes and it had the perfect crust on top. I found this way fit me by using mid cheddar with rotini. My little sister is really in love with this.

I see some try with milk comments, but what kind of milk for the best taste? Thank you by the way! If i follow your recipe exactly how much cheddar vs gruyere am i supposed to use in the sauce and layered? I normally follow my own recipe but decided to try this one for Turkey Day. It melts better and is fresher, easy enough to do if you have a food processor with the blade. The sample dish we made was so much better. It was very good, just not as good as the fresh test pan we made the night before. Next time I will top it with bacon and sauteed onions.

I made this yesterday for Thanksgiving dinner and it was a hit! I was going to call her and let her know, but I remembered that her phone was dead.. We served it at our family Thanksgiving dinner and it was a huge hit!! Very easy and super delicious! A hit for our Thanksgiving, thank you! Topped mine with shredded cheese as per recipe, plus buttered and herbed bread crumbs.

I am sooo glad I found this recipe! Made it today for Thanksgiving and it was a hit! I will favorite for all future get togethers! It was perfection! Thanks again! This was delicious, easy to make and makes plenty, and also came out beautifully. I used sharp cheddar and muenster. Very please. If i only have 2 cups of cheddar worth an 2 cups of mexican blend cheese would that still work? If not i also have mozzarella so how would i split all 3?

Just made this following your exact recipe with extra baking time… amazing!! Thank you for sharing, its an ansolute hit. So if I dont have the 2 day head start will it still be okay or should I just try a different recipe?. I am making this right now for Thanksgiving. Looks delicious. Gruyere cheese was a little pricey and hard to find, but I think it will be worth it.

Always looking for a creamy macaroni and cheese recipe, so hope this makes the cut!!! Will let you know tonight!!! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! If I pre-make this for dinner tonight, will the pasta absorb the sauce or will it retain its creaminess? I ask because it has happened to me in the past! I skipped the salt in step 6. I thought the measurement of salt was for step 2 boiling water. Anyway to add it after the fact? Can I use evaporated milk? She got sharp cheddar cheese that was aged for 6 months by accident. Will that still work? This looks absolutely delicious!

I am making this tonight — hopefully. I realized it is saying whole milk. I have all of the other ingredients mentioned just do not have whole milk— will that make such a big difference? I just made this for the 1st time. It is sooo delicious. It did!


I am going to serve it tomorrow. Thanks for the yummy recipe! Hello Chef I add some sort of veggie when I use this recipe…asparagus and broccoli today. Its pretty awesome! Im very excited about this recipe but even more then excited, I am comfortable with this recipe. The way you lay out the ingredients, the instructions both make sense and flow. Thank you for making something simple and easy1. Amazing recipe! Said it was fire, on point, amazing, delicious, and so much more! Thank you for posting this. I learned A LOT from your recipe. Never have I ever used Gruyere cheese, which is now my fav thank you, and I must say it is magical regardless of the sticker price.

It was worth it. I doubled the recipe for my potluck and am making it again for my family tomorrow. I will also be doubling the recipe for my family, but I am making two of the double recipe which is why I say Gruyere cheese is pricey. However, I would spend it all again because it was definitely worth it. I cannot wait to make it again. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing! Awesome recipe! There are a lot of steps involved, but if i can make it, anyone can! Made it for July 4th for the first time and it was a hit.

Everyone is asking for this on Thanksgiving tomorrow! Just put this together and keeping it in the fridge until Thanksgiving tomorrow! I gave it a taste before covering it and OMG!!! When adding bacon to the top of macaroni and cheese with the bread crumbs.. I do have whole milk and buttermilk on hand as well as cream cheese. Can I make this recipe work with that? Would it be a sin if I added half a can of cheddar soup? This recipe looks Delicious! Making it tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I made it on Sunday! And my family ate it many times in one day without any complaints!!

I was so happy! Thank you so much!! Looking forward to seeing another wonderful version of food from you Have a nice day! I like American cheese. Think I could do it with American and cheddar? Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us on the web. I do hv one question. Your recipe states to buy block cheese.

I was going to buy from the deli. However, I am unclear as to the thickness and how many slices equal 4 oz. Also, Could I substitute heavy cream for half and half, which I already have. Or should I buy half and half? Thank you again, for taking the time and energy to display your recipes in such a clear and concise manner. Hi Jennie!

When buying from the deli, you can ask for the amount needed. Ask for 4 oz of the cheese. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. Sooooo I made my list on last night and did my shopping first thing this morning. I wanted to play around with the recipe and ended up making pans for my neighbors. Thank yooooou! The sauce made with cream cheese, havarti and Gouda cheeses make it wonderful. I bought the havarti and Gouda from the deli and when I got home I realized they sliced me a smoked Gouda cheese instead. It was still excellent though…. I just cut back on the smoked paprika.

The proportions listed for each ingredient is perfect. Making this right now for thanksgiving dinner and it looks and taste amazing!! Awesome recipe cant wait for everyone to try it!! I made this yesterday and it was amazing! Made this today with my girlfriend, we love cooking and trying new recipes and this has now become a must have dish for family gatherings and holidays. Your recipe is genius and so delicious. Thank you so much for sharing! Everyone says never make something the first time on Thanksgiving!! Everyone Loved It and After Making two pans of each..

There was Nothing Left. You Are The Bomb!! I have been hosting Thanksgiving now for 7 yrs and this I will admit was the best. The mac n cheese was a HIT!! I made 2 pans, one just as you have it then I made one with crab. Can I tell you both pans were empty by the end of the night. There was over 40 family members at my house and very little left overs. I was glad everyone enjoyed my cooking. You are my go to girl for all my recipes and you really help me to shine.

He was very disappointed. I stumbled over this recipe and tried it today. I cannot thank you enough. This was a crowd pleaser, and it sure to be a cherished family favorite. Does it store well if I make it the night before and heat up the next day? I just came across your site as I was searching for a new recipe. I see in your recipe you add cream cheese. Is it an absolute must to include in the recipe? Are you able to taste it? For Christmas dinner I prepared your mac and cheese collard greens and candied yams, unbelievable.

I was so pleased and proud at how deliciously wonderful everything turned out. I owe it all to you Baby. Hi Hattie! I am so glad that I could assist you with your holiday menu! I appreciate the kind words. Hoping that you have a amazing ! Made this on Christmas and it was a hit!!! Thank you!!! Gonna look up all of your recipes so that I can get more kudos. My family and I enjoy it everytime I make it. Thank you for sharing.

Very tasty, creamy, and down right flavory delicious!! Can you make this ahead of time, say 2 hours, and then bake. I have to take this to a dinner and I want to cook it when I get there. This sounds delicious. Do you think I could make it up ahead of time and refrigerated then bake it? Made this tonight. It was amazing! Thank you for sharing your recipe.

Going for the banana pudding next. Hey Rosie, just tried this recipe and it is by far the best macaroni and cheese recipe I have ever tasted. When will you post the video to your homemade banana pudding? It look so good and I want to try it but really would like to see your video first. I just stumbled onto this recipe on Pinterest. My mouth started war tearing as soon as I started reading your recipe. Your mac and cheese will be On our table tomorrow. Hi Abby. For best results I would advise sticking to the recipe. Hi ,Rosie what type of havarti cheese do you use for this recipe.

Hi Rosie Omg!!! This is amazing. He loved it. Everyone loved it. Life changer!! I wish I can post a picture of it when it finishes. Hi Rosie! How would I go about doing that? This recipe was delicious!!! Thanks for sharing! Question for you. I love extra sharp cheese, can I pair that with the mozzarella and sharp instead of the Colby Jack? Did you precisely measure each seasoning or did you kind of eyeball it and seasoned it to your liking? I want to make this recipe a day or two ahead.

Should I assemble the whole dish are keep them separate and put together the day of Thanksgiving and heat? I am concerned about the noodles absorbing the sauce and losing some of the creaminess. Sorry ancestors. Just being honest. Have you ever assembled this dish, then refrigerated it over night and baked the following day? Just wondering if this method affects the quality at all. Just trying to get a jump on Thanksgiving day. I saw you have another Mac and cheese recipe, Soul Food Mac and a cheese.

I was wondering if I could incorporate the two, five or take a few ingredients, and arrive at the same delicious outcome? I want to use the cheeses in the southern baked Mac and cheese, but still in corporate the ingredients and spices in the soul food Mac and cheese. Can I do that and it still taste good? It was either too sharp or too bland. Thank you for sharing: Making this now, was in need of a new Mac recipe. Thanks so much for sharing. OK, so I just made this for Thanksgiving, mind you it was my first time making it. I followed your instructions step by step and used the exact cheeses.

I had no left overs what so ever! Unfortunately I only made one batch, so I will definitely do double for Christmas! This recipe is truly a keepsake! I made this for Thanksgiving and it was a HIT! I used a creamy Gouda that had chopped jalapenos in it for a little extra kick and it was perfect.

My new favorite mac recipe! Made this for thanksgiving this year. And it too along with the green beans in the slow cooker with bacon pieces was a super super hit. So good, my family was asking me to make more the Sunday after thanksgiving because it was all gone! Thanks for the recipe! Normally my mac n cheese would be hit or miss. Thanks to you it will always be a hit! Does leftovers freeze well? I am making this for Christmas, but it is only three of us, just wondering what to do with leftover. My husband found this recipe for me to try for Christmas Eve dinner with his family.

I prepared it the night before and put it the oven before dinner and OMG! It was delicious and everyone was pleased with it. I will definitely be checking your website more often for recipes. I searched everywhere for an authentic soul food macaroni and cheese.

I searched dozens of recipes until deciding on yours. I made it for the first time on Christmas and it was exactly like you said it would be. It was creamy, smooth and smoky! It was also rich and delicious! Hi Rosie I have made this dish multiple times and it is to die for. I want to make smaller dishes for easter this year because it is only me and my boyfriend. I am making this and the candied yams. Is it ever ok to cut the ingredients in half to make smaller portions. I have made this recipe several times and my family loves her.

Instead of plain gouda cheese I have substituted for smoked gouda and it adds additional flavor. Rosie you are the best!! Rosie ,. What a wonderful recipe. My baby is allergic to eggs so I tried this as an egg-free Mac and cheese. I used the gluten-free eggless elbows and it turned out perfect. We love it!! Thank you for this recipe and the smoked paprika is amazing. This recipe has been my go to for awhile now.

Always comes out amazing. Wish me luck! That sounds amazing. Almost like my lobster macaroni and cheese. It has bacon bread crumbs drool!!! Oh my cheese!!! This dish looks absolutely amazing! I must try it! LOL Totally going to make this very very soon! Thanks so much for sharing it! I love that you incorporated other cheeses outside of cheddar.

I love your blogs and videos. Not only have my cooking skills increased, but you are helping to make my job as a stay at home mom enjoyable.