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Cookies and Tracking help us to give you a better experience on our website. Read More OK. Application Services Online Surveys. Your Requirement You would like to conduct online surveys and store the gathered data at a trustworthy site in Germany. Automatic image completion ICE can now add missing pixels around the edges of panoramas, enabling smooth boundaries for partial or incomplete images.

Redesigned user interface and workflow ICE has a new look that makes all the features more understandable and easier to use.

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Full-resolution preview ICE allows you to zoom in to see every detail of your stitched panorama, no matter how big, before you export. Additional features Accelerated stitching on multiple CPU cores. State-of-the-art stitching engine.

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Support for very large image sizes including stitching gigapixel panoramas. Support for input images with 8 or 16 bits per component.

Support for Photoshop layers and large documents. Ability to read raw images using WIC codecs. Automatic exposure blending. Choice of planar, cylindrical, stereographic, orthographic, Mercator, or spherical projection.

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And Excel is not a database regardless of how many people want to use it as one. We had a need for this functionality when we started registering MAC addresses for the network.

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I came up with this applescript so users can just double-click on it to get their DHCP server address. Obviously if you need to get a different interfaces DHCP server change "en0" to the interface needed. Make sure to save it as an application: We were using this at one of my former workplaces when It's worked on every Mac OS X version since then, all the way up to the present.

Now how about getting DNS primary and secondary addresses? When I do a google of "what's my ip", I got 3 different answers in the results, all of which don't match the wan ip in my widget I had to hunt down a machine running DHCP today. Then, I used the "arp -a" command to get the MAC address.

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I matched it to the hardware by the sticker on the machine. I'm pretty sure that this requires the other computer to be on the same subnet. Otherwise, arp might return the MAC of the gateway or router.

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Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Have you ever needed to know the address of your DHCP server? I don't know how useful this will be to people, but it was surprisingly tough for a team of three of us to figure out, so I figured it's worth a post.

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Surprisingly, the address doesn't show up in the system log, ifconfig , NetInfo, or anywhere else that we thought to look and we looked in quite a few places! So here's the solution,. Go to the Terminal and run this command replace en0 with en1 if you're on AirPort: