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I take this as a bad sign. You can find the latest router firmware at support. As of late January 3, the latest AirPort Express firmware 7. The latest AirPort Extreme firmware 7. See all the bugs in OpenSSL from and from Is the long time between software updates because the router firmware has no bugs and includes every feature anyone could want? Or, is it because Apple doesn't really care about their routers?

How the router can tell a printer from another type of wireless device is unclear to me. Since WPS is a standard published protocol, any type of device should be able to communicate using the protocol.

Enable timed access to the network

In addition, Apple does not seem to support all the various WPS modes of operation. According to the AirPort Extreme setup guide , it supports a mode where you enter a number from the assumed printer into the router. This mode was never a security risk. It also supports another mode that Apple calls "First attempt" for, again, connecting a WPS printer to the network.

The Setup Guide does not explain this mode at all. But, while Apple does not seem to update the Setup Guide, the do update their website. It too, has never been a security issue. November 10, Feature Request: A devoted Apple person wishes their Apple router had some more features.

To me, the most interesting point in this article is that Apple has not refreshed the firmware in the AirPort Extreme for nearly a year.

One feature he wants, is for Apple routers to be smarter about streaming video and audio. Horwitz says "Adults don't have an easy way to determine, for instance, whether their kids video streams or downloads are clogging the network". He also gripes that Apple router owners can't "set streaming priority for certain devices or applications say, Mom's Office Mac or Apple TV wins out over Junior's iPod touch ".

He concludes: December 22, As for cons, he writes that Apple routers are long-in-the-tooth and overpriced for what they deliver. He suggests that if you don't need specific AirPort-only features there are good alternatives that cost substantially less and offer capabilities that Apple does not.

On the other hand, it has an audio output that enables AirPlay streaming. As for pros, he offers six reasons to use an apple router. December 25, Two more articles were published today by Glenn Fleishman: Is blocking device necessary on Wi-Fi with a password set? The title of the other is self-explanatory: New page on learning what your current DNS servers are: As an example, on June 1, we learned that Macintosh computers from mid and earlier are vulnerable to a serious BIOS related flaw. News of the bug did not come from Apple, but from an independent researcher.

It was discovered by researchers at Indiana University, Peking University and the Georgia Institute of Technology and published in an academic paper.

Can you set up the airport express to filter by mac address? - Apple

I mention it here because the researchers notified Apple of the problem six months ago. Not only was the problem not fixed, but the researchers appear to have been stonewalled. Paul Ducklin writes: The flaw affected routers from many companies but there is no one list of the companies that included the buggy software in their routers. The flaw had to do with sharing files on a device plugged in to a USB port.

Apple came up tangentially, there is software for OS X that can be installed to enable the buggy file sharing over USB. Do Apple routers contain the buggy software?

Can you set up the airport express to filter by mac address?

Apple says nothing about this as far as I know. Each device you own comes with a unique media access control address MAC address that identifies it on a network. Your router probably allows you to configure a list of allowed MAC addresses in its web interface, allowing you to choose which devices can connect to your network. So far, this sounds pretty good. But MAC addresses can be easily spoofed in many operating systems , so any device could pretend to have one of those allowed, unique MAC addresses.

MAC addresses are easy to get, too. This entire process could easily take less than 30 seconds. Basically, as long as you have a strong passphrase with WPA2 encryption, that encryption will be the hardest thing to crack. Think of it like adding a bicycle lock to a bank vault door. Any bank robbers that can get through that bank vault door will have no trouble cutting a bike lock.

This will take some time if you have a lot of Wi-Fi-enabled devices, as most people do. This is on top of the usual setup process where you have to plug in the Wi-Fi passphrase into each device. MAC address filtering, properly used, is more of a network administration feature than a security feature.

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However, it will allow you to choose which devices are allowed online.