Innovage mini digital camera mac driver

When exposure light is florescent lamp, AC voltage is V, frequency is 50Hz, please chose this mode. Installation and Application of the software 4. Video Format.

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Press button to save one file which you have selected Press button to save all files 4. Safety Notice 1. Never get the product wet or put it in high humid environment to prevent unstable performance. Turn off the camera before changing batteries,and finish it with in 8 seconds to prevent data loss. Flag for inappropriate content. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Video Format Choose the video color space and video size 4.

Innovage Mini Digital Camera

The following interface will appear: Avtron Technologies. Anuth Siddharth. Anonymous FAbe3Q.

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Faisal Rehman. Arpita Saha. Michael S. Yudha Varian Wiratama. Ali Maxoem. Clayton Martinez. Samsung Camera. Paco Gonzalez. Popular in Digital Technology. Ratoka Lekhema. Alfio Maniello. Artist Recording. For some unknown reason, Win XP doesn't display this particular camera in the device list either. I even tried burning the. This is a shame because we used to be able to download pictures from this camera at one point but for some reason we can't now.

Granted, the pictures aren't the best but for just taking a quick picture with GOOD lighting , it is a reasonable camera. Vivitar is really doing a dis-service to it's customers who have bought this camera. Someone at vivitar needs to make this right. They need to provide instructions for installing with the "VH-XP. They do have a. Bought the mini camera and dumb me cut the disc while cutting the plastic off. Tried downloading the above but still can't get anything. Is there any way I can get another disc without buying another camera??? Carlous Carter Tue, 09 Oct I bought one like a month ago..

Larimal Fri, 12 Oct This is Chinese crap and no real Vivitar product. The Chinese just put the Vivitar logo on. When your computer doesn't recognize the camera, and you did install the drivers, probably the electronics in he camera are faulty. Not only wasting 10 bucks, but also poluting the enviremont for nothing. A shame that CVS and companies alike sell such junk! Robbin Mon, 15 Oct It is a headache, then he wants me to help him figure it out! I will be returning it.

Ruby Mon, 22 Oct Well, the camera is working, from what I can tell, but the driver just won't download properly. Went through the process, twice already, restarted the computer when I was done and everything and still no luck. I'm going to play with it a bit more, because I got it as a move of desperation--my Nikon digital camera broke, and I need some pictures immediately for a little powerpoint project, so quality isn't a big deal, but time and finances are.

Not quite sure this was worth the ten, as a working student I could've bought a superpack of microwavable ramen for that Nicole Tue, 23 Oct This photo was taken indoors with light coming thru south window. Mike Naylor Thu, 25 Oct Does anybory that can help me sending the drivers to download my pictures to the computer. Juan Pavajeau Sat, 27 Oct I used the suggestion from the person who switched the drivers, Thank you! The camera works fine now. I just want to try the other battery. I'm sure it will work better.

This Camera sux it doesnt have good instruction.. Bria Mon, 29 Oct Pity the images are lost when the battery goes flat! My MacBook Pro will recognize most digital cameras without any special drivers being installed if they are connected via USB, so I thought maybe this one would, too, which is why I bought it to begin with. No icon showed up on the desktop, and no available device appeared under the iPhoto import command. I also tried Image Capture, which has occasionally worked for me with other devices when iPhoto wouldn't recognize them. Still nothing. And then I got a warning I'd never seen before, that a USB hub device was using too much current and would be disconnected.

So I unplugged the mini-camera. Something was going on within the camera itself, though, because when I first plugged in the USB cable, the mini-camera turned itself on and its mode window displayed "PL. I don't run any Windows software on my Mac so I didn't even try installing the software on the included CD. And I already knew Mac compatibility was a longshot because the packaging for the mini-camera mentioned only Windows.

Today I returned it for another one and got it to work but i noticed everytime i un plugged it from my computer it wouldntgo on i though it was a dead battery when i realized their was plastic on the battery and neded to be peeled off and now i study the manuel and i got it all figured out and it does eerything its supposed to.

Andrea Tue, 13 Nov Purchased vivitar mini digital camera, cannot use beacuse it did not come with software cd to install on computer where can I download installation disc via internet? So i've had the digital camera for a while,but the thing is now when i wanna delete a picture or do somethin' else nothin happens it just stays in the 20 or another ,i know what they are for ,I think the button might be broken,But when i put on a new battery it went back to 20,it was in But same thing happens i cant delete or nothin'. Does anyone know what's wrong with it? Alberto Sun, 18 Nov I also purchased one for 10 bucks.


The installation disk loaded fine IBM Aptiva running windows 98 but could not get pix to download. Dialog box states camera not connect altho the system turns the camera on. Tried reinstalling the disk and even read all the instructions. No soap. Congrats to all that had success. I also spent 10 bucks on the mini, my camera will not be recognized by the MY CAMERA software, I installed Photo Impression 4 and it works fine to get the pictures, but it loses all pictures as soon as it shuts down anybody know a fix for this?

Clark Wed, 21 Nov I love my tiny camera. I had wanted to send photos over internet but could not afford digital camera. I can take a photo and have it on the e-mail in 30 seconds. My biggest problem is holding it steady. Great tiny photos. Works on Vista fine. My advice is to read the instructions well. All features work including a 10 second video. What a hoot for a liitle keychain camera. I didn't ecpect much but was amazed! Thanks all for your comments.

My son and I saw this camera tonight at a CVS and he really wanted to buy it. I was very sceptical. I have read enough of your responses to know better than to waste 10 dollars. Gunners Sat, 01 Dec Thanks to this forum, I did get this cheapo camera to work somewhat. It takes pictures, but a little quirky with the video.

If you hold it up to your ear, you will hear a faint beep after about 3 seconds while holding the shutter. Hope this helps some of you fellow "gadgeteers" out there! I bought one and installed the software and it says it cannot connect to camera. The instructions are a hard read. Anyone know how to fix the cannot connect to camera problem? That flip up shutter, how are you supposed to take a whole shot of anything, you can't even see through it clearly or are you supposed to look through something else?

It's really not worth the bother. I have Windows 98, I thought it was compatible with this. Jo Ann. Jo Ann Mon, 03 Dec Yeah, I'm having the same problem as Jo Ann. I haven't used it for a couple of weeks, and just today, I took a few pictures, but when I connected the USB cable and went into the My Camera program, it says that it can't connect to the camera. Anyone have a solution to this issue? Tabitha Wed, 05 Dec The actual camera manufacturer of the vivitar mini digital camera is a company called Innovage. The phone number is I contacted them, and told them i had no disc.

They sent me the correct one free of charge. I hope this helps. I have Microsoft Vista and it works fine.

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It's a fun toy. I wouldn't rely on it for anything else. Gerald Watson Thu, 13 Dec Scott Sun, 16 Dec This is a cool site. I had driver problems at 1 time, too. I've bought 3 so far, it seems like different cd's are, in fact, different. Have had good results so far. Next I need to be able to use the pc cam feature so I can use my laptop as a viewfinder, then snap the shot. Anybody doing this?

Just bought one also, no problem with the down loads, but the little digital screen that tells me what mode I'm in is not working properly.

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Esther Mon, 17 Dec This is an indoor pic, no special lighting just small lamp, of my spider now if only the mode screen worked. I downloaded your "zip" Ron. Everyone get the laughs out already.

Innovage Mini Digital Camera Software

I suggest everyone file a complaint with their State Attorney General and check out this smarmy company at this consumer website This company should have some class action lawsuits filed against it. That is if anyone ever catches up to them. They change names more than most people change underwear. I would recommend anyone that is attemting to sale or give you one be beaten to death with the PC!!! Randall Everett Thu, 20 Dec I bought several of these cameras for stocking stuffers - and am having the same problem After several calls to Vivitar support cutting me off I finally just held on until a receptionist answered the phone - I gave her my name, phone number and email I told her to tell tech support that I would be contacting the press about this if they didn't call back I was able to reach Vivitar - and we spent several hours going back and forth with the software issue He decided to have one of his top Engineers on it and to fix the problem!!!

I won't state his name even though he said it was ok He took the little camera home with him and worked on it until he figured out the problem The guys at Vivitar were fantastic I also while I had him on the phone - told them about the - directing people to another support number, where no one picks up the phone He took both numbers from me and called them the support team so in the future people should be able to get through without issue The guys at Vivitar also told me that they would repsond on this site with the solution and also were going to put up support information on the Vivitar site I would give them a few days Attached is a picture a took with the little camera of my dog, Jasper Jax I hope this helps Merry Christmas to all!!!

Jax from keychain 2. Nikki Oldaker Sun, 23 Dec I lost the directions telling me what the codes are. Anybody know where i can find the Mode codes? Lorrie Sun, 23 Dec I can't get installed because everytime I put the stupid disc in the drive, it pops out again!!! Please, I'm in desperate need of help!!! I did everything the directions said and then when I hooked the camera up to the computer it said "cannot conect to camera! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I received this as a gift and I really don't want to have to take it back. Thanks so much. Melissa Mon, 24 Dec If you plugged in the camera before you loaded the software, unplug the camera and do the following:. Danny Tue, 25 Dec I found the drivers for Windows and XP on this site: Danny Fri, 28 Dec I received this camera as a stocking stuffer for x-mas.

What a waste of time!! I installed the disc correctly and took pictures which is really hard because you can barely see through that "cokebottle" view window. What a joke! So then of course I had to research this stupid little camera and found this site. Well I guess I'm not the only one with trouble. I'd like to strangle the person who gave it to me! LOL Another family member also received it too and asked me to figure it out for her because she knows how great I am with electronics.

I give up for a ten dollar camera. I'll stick to the hard stuff. Whoever made these crappy Vivitar's should be ashamed. I just got one of these mini cameras for xmas and I cant get the CD to work either.. Kathy Sun, 30 Dec I have windows 98 and the damm thing wont install: Hoping someone can help!! Bought my mini digital camera on a whim.

Of course the so-called view-finder is a complete joke. They could have used the wasted space for more memory. Looks like the distribution channels were flooded with bad drivers. Mine works fine and I have other cameras, printers, scanners and modems on the USB port. The camera and software also works as an image source for Microsoft Word. I zipped the cd and put it here: Larry Mon, 31 Dec After a little trial and error, I was able to get everything to work correctly.

When I installed the software, the driver that the Setup was searching for was in my Windows XP directory. I also learned that the AAA battery is used up very quickly. So have some handy if you are going to use the camera a lot. The pictures are pretty good. Took some in a darkened bar, in my apartment, and outside during the day. Expectedly, the outside ones are the best. The camera is a fun product, and for the price not something to get in a tizzy over.

John Wed, 02 Jan This is my second one and they have both worked fine with the exception of the pc cam feature not working on the current one but i am working on it. When I installed the software, the driver that the Setup was searching for was in my Windows XP directory And Larry, the link http: The phone number is ". I am about to explain most of the key points in this forum regarding software installation. But first a couple other bits. This camera is sold under many different names and so there are other forums like this one for the various names.

For example Philips Keychain Digital Camera. There are a LOT of posts there. Most of which are pretty useless. And this camera seems to have a tendency to lose all of its files. I think it has something to do with power issues, like being plugged into the computer then unplugged, or batteries dying, I don't know exactly what is going on, but now you have the heads up.

Why didn't it work? If you explore the CD right click on it then select explore and look in the Drivers folder, the Setup program in there is bad. You can however still install the drivers without the Setup program but don't because the. You could get the drivers to install by using the Windows Driver Installer Wizard that pops up when you plug in the camera, and telling it too look for the drivers on the CD I think you select "No, not at this time" when it asks about finding drivers online, then after that tell it to search the CD.

This is because the. It is amazing that Walgreen's is selling something this unprofessional, but they are. BTW - Another way commonly used to install drivers is to go into device manager, select the device it should have a yellow questionmark icon then right-click on it and select "Update" and manually find an appropriate. All the files in there work, so you can run the Setup program and use your camera as a webcam with live feed. Ron also mentioned YawCam as a good webcam viewer.

Maybe that is because the programs serve different purposes.

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And Alma posted a nice link on 25 Dec That installer installs all drivers correctly too! However, as mentioned before, this camera comes under many names. Alma's link takes you to a site where this camera is published under the name Jazz rather than Vivitar. The ones with different names often come with different software.

I wonder what software the thousands of other names this camera is sold under came with. I do not know if the CD's that came with this camera under different names are all bad. I know the CD that came with this camera under the name Phillips is bad, so I would assume most are Walgreen's sold the Phillips brand too. And don't install Arcsoft Photo Impression 4. It is just a program they want you to pay for. Camera resolution is x high , and x low. Most "cannot connect" problems are with people that have windows 98, ME, of earlier versions. The problem is the USB driver!! These earlier versions of windows hate USB anything, they are a real pain to get anything to sync up regularly.

The camera and software to me is pretty much a "no brainer". Lots of light and a still hand is required to get a pretty fuzzy picture. Its a fun little camera for 9. Dont expect too much out of this camera. Remember,dont make a big deal out of this cheesy little camera, its more of a kids toy. Also dont leave pics in camera too long battery goes dead and pics are gone. Good luck all. Freds painting. I finally got my camera driver and software working! I was getting the "cannot connect to camera" error message, after many trials at reinstalling in various ways.

Douglas' post of 13 Jan is most helpful, as well as Ron's post of 12 Sep 07, which Douglas referred to. But I had to place an additional twist on the installation process. Here is the process that brought me success on Windows XP: I used the files that Ron provided, told Windows to install the drivers, and then used the setup. In earlier attempts, when I simply let the setup program install the the drivers, the SW would not recognize the camera. But this two-part process worked. On 12 Sep 07 and on 13 Jan 08 Unzip the file. Tell it to look for the driver in the unzipped driver folder from step 2.

The wizard gave an easy enough walk through. My camera was listed there with a yellow question mark. I don't know if that applies to everybody. I next went back to the Add Hardware control panel, and found that it recognized my camera as being connected. You probably don't need to do this, but I thought it was worth mentioning. But at this point I still found no way to access the camera. So, on to the next step This installs the "My Camera" Software. It'll tell you to restart your computer. Do it. Open the software, download your pics.

I think I actually left my camera plugged in the whole time, but I don't think it matters, after the Add Hardware process is done. You may have varying results. I have Windows XP. In summary: Man, what a screwed up install process, but I am pleased to finally have figured it out. Great thanks to everyone who provided constructive help in this forum. This is a nifty little camera. Good luck. I had a lot of trouble with this as well. I'm not sure how I fixed the problem, but here's what happened.

When I tried to save files and pick a destination folder, they wouldn't be in there after the camera said it had saved. I then tried saving pics one at a time the single disk icon , and noticed the filename the computer automatically put in looked weird, so I picked a sensible filename extension. After trying this, I then tried saving batches of photos once again and it magically worked. The computer automatically named the photos , , etc. I agree the instructions are crap! But I am a teacher and am excited to let students use in my classroom. Bought it in San Diego Xmas.

Not 1 problem. I will try to upload a link of an ISO of the disc that came with mine. Hope it helps. The link should post after 1 pm PST Feb 01 Here are some pics from it. Iwill repost with web page site info after I upload. I just bought a Vivitar, it does not seem to be Vista capable, but when I loaded the drivers first per the directions, before I plugged in the camera to my Windows XP laptop it worked just fine, but as soon as I plugged the camera into the USB port it immmediately read new hardware found, so I used the wizard for installing new drivers and it updated the MR CIF Dual Mode Camera drivers right off of the internet.

When you go to the folder MARS in your program files to try to get to the drivers it only lets you see the icon, even if you have your computer set to view all subfolders. I think the drivers are supposed to be a secret, or something. Anyway with windows XP it works great.

I just returned from a Carribean cruise and used two of the Vivitar camera's. Had my husband read the directions for me so who knows what he interpreted. All I know is I downloaded the software and it says there are no pictures on my camera. I just took two pictures with each camera and they were there one second and gone the next. Mar Fri, 22 Feb Bought one of these a couple of days ago. Came with disk and connection cord. Had no problem downloading both driver and photoimpressions. Seems simple enough to take photos and download to computer. Photos are tricky and work best taken outside.

The only problem I am having is trying to center the picture through the tiny window. I guess it just takes practice. William Sun, 24 Feb I ran the driver in my Vista and it works great. No bugs or anything. It must be your computer. I bought the Vivitar mini digital camera from Walgreens in Feb I installed the drivers, got the restart computer command and did it. The mother board fried according to the computer techs where I take my computers. They would not say it was Vivitar's fault, but did say they would not use that stuff on another computer.

Like many others, I was getting the "cannot connect to camera" message when double-clicking on the My Camera icon. Well, here's another thing for you to try. Maybe it is your computer. If you have more than one USB port try another one. That worked for me.

Even after loading the files that work see post from Douglas on 13 Jan my computer really wasn't finding the camera. Scott S Mon, 10 Mar Well, Like others, I'm getting the 'cannot connect to camera' I've tried several of the suggestions and still no success. I am actually unable to uninstall the camera driver from my computer. So, it seems like a fresh start is outta' the picture. One of the USB devices have malfunctioned" I try to troubleshoot the damn thing but still end up with no results Lil One Tue, 11 Mar I have windows 98 and says need cab12 please insert win98 cd.

Looks like it was a good thing that both the original, and the replacement I got last week from the Walgreens in Las Vegas both mysteriously, repeatedly, lost all their pictures. It's a shame, because they're cute little things, and I wish they worked.

Innovage mini digital camera driver and sofeware

For those who do have functional cameras but were complaining about the viewfinder: This problem was one of such severity that I returned it to the store and was given another one. With the replacement in hand, I rushed home and installed the software and received the identical error messages as you did. Finally, I called the manufacturer and went through the paces as dictated over the phone, yet nothing worked. At this point, the technician asked for my phone no, email, and mailing address. He said that he would be mailing a replacement directly from the factory in about two weeks.

Several days ago, the USPS postman drove up with a boxed delivery. Immediately, I knew the contents and proceeded open the box and install the software. After what appeared to be a successful install, I double clicked the icon on the desktop, and low and behold: I enabled this feature, saved the changes, and rebooted. Upon entering the desktop, every usb device on the system was vying to be installed and loaded first. This hint is available for all to see, for it can make a difference, and a very happy day! So I just bought one of these cameras, with probably the same thought as all of you..

I didn't read on the back where it said it ran off of Microsoft Windows until after I was home, and tried to install the program.