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With this app, you can find and view hidden files and folders, and turn off displaying them if you no longer need them. While the Library folder is open, you can view other locations where unneeded files may have accumulated. This includes the Logs folder, which stores logs of the system, apps and mobile devices. Please make sure that you no longer need these files before you remove them. By the way, there is one other folder that is worth viewing and clearing. However, these are generally needed only once — when you install the app.

These are the files that you download from iTunes to update or restore the system from the Apple servers.

Where has my HD space gone?

If you do not plan to reflash your mobile device, then storing them is optional. However, if an application is no longer used, it is best to remove its remains.

Reclaim missing disk space

Please, be careful and remove only files that correspond to a remote application. For this, just download a free application Startup Disk Full Fixer.

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This app finds all types of junk files on your Mac and allows you to easily get rid of them. These files can take up a significant amount of disk space, as they include movies, music and other large files. Sleep image is a file that the Mac creates when it goes to sleep.

This file is needed when the computer battery is discharged during sleep, so when power appears, the computer can start in the same state as before the sleep. This is quite a useful feature however, if you have limited disk space and you are not going to run the battery flat, then, this feature can be switched off.

Use the Terminal for this: The system will prompt for the administrator password.

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Enter this password, and the system will then activate this option. The Sleep Image will no longer be created. To restore this setting, use this command: In order to remove the sleep image which you have stored on a disk, use this command in the Terminal: This will save between 2 to 8 GB of disk space. However, remember to protect your files from risk of being lost if there is a full battery discharge.

Applications in Mac OS X have localizations to different languages more than 20 different languages. These localization files occupy a lot of space.

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So firstly, before any installation, specify which languages to install, if this is possible. Secondly, remove Chinese, Georgian, Slovak and any other unneeded localizations. I would recommend running Onyx , which is a maintenance app that I and quite few others like a lot. Run the Automation feature and it will clean out all those cache files.

I do it about once a month.

The case of the missing El Capitan hard disk space

I am not sure what you are asking - yes cache files will show in the other area of space used. I was suggesting that Onyx cleans out cache and temp files plus a lot of other housekeeping things. As for disk space - anything that is information for whatever reason is stored on the hard drive.

Temporary files that don't necessarily get deleted, cache files from webpages that can be current or outdated, hidden system files that are not revealed to the user because some people have no idea they are needed so they could just at random delete them to make space plus the usual documents, pictures, etc. Last edited by rapscalli; at Your ". MobileBackups" would have probably just disappeared if you had connected your Time Machine backup drive and turned TM On to run its backup for you Mac portable.

That's if you're actually currently using TM for your backups and it didn't just get forgotten and left behind gobbling up drive space. Originally Posted by pm-r.

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Originally Posted by chscag. He already knows that from his other thread, but a good reminder anyway. By the way, do you remember the terminal command to turn off those mobile backups for good?

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  • Thanks for posting the links. Most folks who own portable Macs and use Time Machine are not aware that TM backups will continue even when the external hard drive is not mounted. This has lead to numerous posts like the one we just saw above.

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    Sometimes Apple implements things for "our good". Almost sounds like our governments doesn't it? Similar Threads Using an external hard drive to free up space on my mac By jheft28 in forum Other Hardware and Peripherals. By dhruv in forum macOS - Operating System.